PRIVATE NZ's LOVE COACH RETREATS (from 3- Day to 7-Day Processes) HELD IN OUR NEWEST SACRED 'LOVE GODDESS SANCTUARY' IN NORTH BALI - now open to be booked by Singles and Couples at any available dates from 15th OCTOBER 2019 onwards. Accelerate your LOVE LIFE!


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LOVE LOUNGE - LIVE IN BALI - October & November 2019

Adriane, NZ's leading Love Coach (re-visiting Bali mid October 2019 onwards) is inviting you to a series of evenings - sharing & elevating within a divine circle of individuals from all parts of the world - to unlock an 'ultimate truth' about the connection of  'LOVE, SEX AND MONEY' in our intimate Relationships!

Please connect with Adriane on What's App +64 27 3170017 to receive a personal invitation to these individual upcoming events in Ubud and Desa Bukti/Tejakula in North Bali. Bookings and Payments via PayPal - thank you.

Saturday, 28th DECEMBER 2019 to Saturday, 4th JANUARY 2020

"Tango & Love Coach Retreat" in Bali 2019 is a collaboration between Love Coach Ltd and the Tango Club in Bali.

This will be a very exciting and 'move & action packed' retreat - with attendance at 3 different retreat venues over the period of one week. A perfect opportunity to dance Tango & experience Tango Meditation sessions, Love Coach retreat sessions and discovering the beautiful scenery and nature of various areas of Bali (from South to North - ending in healing town 'Ubud' on day 7 and 8).
Please express your interest to join us by email to - thank you!

Information and Registration please contact us expressing your personal interest:

Saturday, 30th MAY to 6th JUNE 2020

Email for your 'ILLUMINATING QUANTUM INTIMACY' Bali Retreat Booking Info

Be invited to the 'IQI 2020' LOVE COACH RETREAT & see


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