Love Illuminator Adriane

"O, Adriane

Woman of Power - Now is the Hour

Gratitude Goddess, Graceful Lotus Blooming

You are Beautiful, Intuitive and Wise

Gorgeous, Graceful Goddess of Love

Bright and White Light of Knowledge

Colorful Silk drops from Heaven as Joy's fingers stretch to the ends of the World."

Poem written - as gift to Adriane - by all the passionate participants during the Valentine's Love Coach Retreat on Waiheke Island/New Zealand in early February 2018

Adriane's Philosophy

Adriane says "As a Love Coach my goal is to help you uncover and ignite your core potential and live a love life that is exceptional and beyond your most expansive imaginings. While we can't change the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the changes you are facing
right now - into a happy future! My intent and is to co-create Love & Intimacy manifested from a QUANTUM FREQUENCY of CONSCIOUSNESS - balanced between your heart and brain.

By applying personalized designed internal processes, together we will unearth and attune long standing beliefs and unwanted vows as well as any non-resourceful perceptions that may be holding you back - to manifest romance, passion, relationship healing, intimacy, harmony and sensual polarity in a soul partnership that awakens your consciousness to new & elevated level.

If you seek coaching, support, facilitation, healing and guidance through a challenging or renewing
situation in your love or personal life, or if you're just ready to move in a new direction and find genuine passion, I am your guide to overcome your past experiences and mind set in order to realize your vision for a joyful present and fulfilling future."

As your Quantum Love Coach, Adriane is enthusiastic about preparing you for the Love Relationship of your most intimate and authentic imaginings while also...
- Identifying and releasing the obstacles between what you have and what you really want…
- Letting go of past hurts and stress in relationships...
- Defining the type of dating and relationship you really want…
- Prioritizing & aligning love and intimacy within your core relationship....
- Living authentically and in harmony with the natural and universal forces of your destiny
....and last but not least – how to open your heart fully and let 'LOVE ALWAYS' be a living experience.

Unique 'Love Coach' seminars, retreat experiences, and individual VIP programs and sessions in a sacred & private setting embrace your inner awareness and experiences from your past - and potentially your previous generations' lives.

Adriane is passionate to help you discover the potential and many possibilities your relationships can offer - and allow consciousness and harmony to unfold and develop. While our intimate partnerships in life are the most desirable and most fulfilling - they can equally be the most challenging and painful experience on our journeys...which can be changed!

As your Love Coach, Adriane works with you to provide the deeper connection and integration you desire & deserve in your life – physically, sensually, emotionally and from the deepest soul-awakened niche in your existence.....whether Single, in a committed relationship or going through the change process RIGHT NOW!

Adriane's Biographie

Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch, being New Zealand's leading Master Love Coach, is a Quantum Love- and Intimacy Awakening Expert & Healer, Visionary Relationship Intuitive, Vibrational Medicine Consultant and Oneness Trainer specializing in transformational therapies and spiritual & personal development techniques, in addition to being a prominent Creative Entrepreneur and an international award-winning Film Editor & independent Film Producer. 

Born as in Munich/Germany, Adriane has facilitated many public events and sacred seminars over the last 25 years - and has presented in Television & Radio, at national conferences and to international audiences speaking on the topics of Manifesting Love, Relationship Healing, Quantum Intimacy, the Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Raja Yoga Heart Meditation, Oneness in Business and the Oneness Phenomenon for Global Awakening and Transformation.

To name only some of her personal & professional coaches & mentors: Tony Robbins, Dr Bruce Lipton, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols and Brandon Bays.

Adriane is an interactive, passionate and highly spiritually awakened coach, therapist and consultant. She integrates complementary & heart-centred coaching and healing methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client & her unique audiences.

With consciousness and compassion - and through accessing divine intuition she works with each individual to build on their inner knowing and strength - and to attain the personal development they are committed to accomplishing. 

Professional Background & Certification

Extensively experienced as a Film Editor and Film Co-Producer in Germany, UK, India & New Zealand.
DiplArtMngm, Diploma in Business and Arts- & Event Management
Internationally qualified & registered Oneness Trainer, Oneness University Chennai/India
Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and JSJ-Self-help Instructor
Certified Practitioner in Homeopathy and Flower Essence Therapy

Licenses & Awards:
1992 Hessischer Filmpreis (International Film Award) for best Editing of the documentary 'Hotel Germany' (Arsenal Film, Germany)
Oneness University 2010 - 2015
JSJ - JIN SHIN JYUTSU Practicing and Self-Help Instructor Certificate, Scottsdale, USA,1993

Selection of additional Training:
NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training in 2000 and 2009
Logo Therapy (Victor Frankl's Psychology)
'Thinking into Results' Mastermind Training with Bob Proctor in 2013
"Write and Speak' with Lisa Nichols, Motivating the Masses, USA
Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Certificate, 2017

Selected Professional Activities and Memberships:
Foundation President of the NZ Association for Jin Shin Jyutsu - 1999/2016
Honorary Member of WBN Wholistic Business Network, Australia
Former Member of WIFT (Women in Film and Television) in New Zealand


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