“I believe Adriane is a World-Class Facilitator and Coach. She has such an extensive knowledge base and the ability to hold space and channel from the universe in such a profound way that shifts happen. Having personally participated in many processes with her, I feel I am qualified to tell you NOT to hesitate - and to step into experiencing the empowering & positive benefits of her work.”  A.P.,Voice NZ

Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch
Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch

Create a life-changing moment with Adriane, the QUANTUM LOVE COACH, one to one:

Book your complimentary 30-min Discovery and/or a 75-min Foundation Session

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QI & MARS VENUS Love Coach | Master Match Maker | Love Life Visionary | Film Editor & Writer AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND - BALI

I am Adriane Hartigan. I live my passion as New Zealand and Oceania's leading-edge transformational MARS VENUS Love Coach and Relationship Expert - connecting with you on your journey to magnetizing Intimacy & Fulfillment in the most desired and rewarding area of your human existence!

Acknowledging and realizing the limitless value of an unique and highly accelerating relationship in your love life is a process to be explored and mastered! I am here - and experienced to guide you on your personalized journey to achieve and manifest the intimate communion you seek!


I am often asked to what is the Difference between 'Coaching versus Counseling'? Coaching is action focused and a very creative process that includes different styles of personal development techniques - while counseling is usually dealing solely with the current state of mind and/or mental-emotional health.

As a ‘Love Coach’ I am equipped to help you see clearly where you are today, and to guide you to move forward towards your goals of a deeply fulfilling love life.

I will not tell you what to do - however I am here to hold you accountable and to help you discover what it is you truly want and need in order to feel safe, received and resourceful in your most intimate and close relationships in life. 

'Love and Intimacy' are a mystery - and, yes, if we can approach these virtues as a journey - and not as a destiny - we truly have in any moment of our day the choice to respond positive & in a new and empowered way to unexpected and challenging communication with others.


Why are intimate relationships so important to most of us? Yes - because they allow us to experience the total scale of thoughts, feelings and emotions we are capable of disclosing as human beings.

What are your values and your goals when it comes to the vision of a fulfilling Soulmate Relationship? Are you looking to attract new Love into your Life? Are you searching for Passion and Relationship Harmony? Or - simply seeking greater Awareness, personal Growth and deepened Healing in your Spiritual Life and/or existing Love Relationship?

Whether you are Single or not, married or currently experience relationship challenges...my guidance and our mutual heart-opening coaching process will awaken your transformation!


STEP 1: Call me on 0800 14 5683 (LOVE) within New Zealand - or email me to info@lovecoach.co.nz - or connect with me via my CONTACT US page.

STEP 2: Book your complimentary Discovery Session of 30 minutes (PLEASE CLICK LINK LEFT BELOW) on the phone, Skype or Zoom with me - to find out more and ask all important questions. Once we are clear of our mutual alignment and your interest to do the foundation process for our 'love coaching relationship' we will proceed.
(Value of 30 min of my time to you is NZ$98.00/US$60.00)

STEP 3: Book a Foundation Session of 75 minutes (please use the same LINK LEFT BELOW and choose '60-min' option - PayPal US$125.00) to create more clarity to where you are at in your love life - and a clear understanding about your vision and wants & needs for your most intimate connection. We will then mutually draft a quality master-plan for the designing process of your intimate relationship.

STEP 4: Embark the journey into the program and/or retreat process tailored to your current needs - what ever time it may take - days or months! I AM HERE WITH YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE, PASSION & PURPOSE!

STEP 5: See yourself deeply fulfilled and most happy in most extensive and passionate area of your life! Continue to upgrade your awareness & consciousness while being happy in your new found love relationship. Stay connected with me as your LOVE COACH at any time wanted or needed within your growth- and manifestation process!


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