Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch
Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch

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Love Life Architect | Quantum Intimacy Illuminator | Relationship Re-Pair & Designer


My name is Adriane Hartigan - von Strauch. I live my passion as a Love & Intimacy Expert and New Zealand's leading Master Love Coach - connecting with you on your journey to magnetizing fulfillment. 

'Love and Relationships' are a mystery - and, yes, if we approach them as a journey and not as a destiny, we can choose in any moment of our day to respond to positive as well as unwanted experiences in a new and empowered way.

Why are intimate relationships so important to most of us? Yes - ultimately - because they allow us to experience the total scale of feelings and emotions we are capable to feel in our existence at any time. As if 'the other we love' creates a mirror for our way of living to the fullest...not always with the outcome of happiness - yet with the fulfilling desire to make the other that we can feel validated and deeply received.

The inner connection with oneself is necessary to build the willingness and commitment to realize the potential and power in all parts within us. What are your values and your goals when it comes to the vision of a fulfilling Love Life?

Are you looking to attract new Love into your Life? Are you searching for Passion and Relationship Harmony? Or - seeking greater Awareness, personal Growth and deepened Healing in your existing Love Relationship? Whether you are Single or not, married and/or currently experience relationship guidance and our coaching process will support your transformation!

We focus on Love Coaching, Online Events, Relationship Manifestation, Visionary Intuitive Facilitation, Consciousness Awakening Processes and the Art of 'Jin Shin Jyutsu' Physio Philosophy.

Restoring your Life's Passion, Power and Purpose!
ILLUMINATING QUANTUM Relationship at a time!