Coaching and Healing

"I wanted to share my love and respect for Adriane in her work and passion through her Coaching, Leadership and Intuitive Guidance she has provided for me and many others. How you can activate and inspire with so much love, power, and direction at the same time is so beautiful to witness. Thank you for always igniting me." -

Lisa Ferguson, Spiritual Life Coach,Los Angeles, USA

"Adriane is a World-Class Facilitator and Coach. She has such an extensive knowledge base and the ability to hold space and channel from the universe in such a profound way that shifts happen. Having personally participated in many processes with her, I feel I am qualified to tell you NOT to hesitate - and to step into experiencing the empowering & positive benefits of her work.” 

A.P.,Voice New Zealand/India

"Thank you for the beautiful work you do, Adriane!!'

S. H., Waiheke Island, New Zealand

“I contacted Adriane without much expectation that she could help me. I was stuck between two women, both of whom I loved dearly.  Other counsellors had not been able to help me. Adriane did! Though the decision I had to make was extremely painful, I was able to make it, and feel comfortable, that it was the correct decision.”

D.B., Tauranga, New Zealand

"My time with Adriane was one of the most profound in terms of shift I have experienced! I was able to access and see that with an experienced guide you can find your way 'Home'. I have no hesitation of recommending Adriane's Love Coaching. Adriane's honesty and authenticity are beyond price."

M.G., New Zealand/USA

"Thank you for your gift to me. Profound healing as I return to work. Often long periods of pain and immobility & now feeling love will enter my life very soon!"

P. A., Brisbane, Australia

"I had a foundation session with Adriane and found it hugely valuable to provide insight into my Love Life. Adriane is very intuitive in focusing on areas that I need to change and patterns of behavior that I wasn’t aware of myself! Her advice was practical - and made me feel very hopeful about the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing advice and guidance on Love." 

T.O., Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you so much, Adriane. Felt a lot of benefit from today and all felt so at ease to talk to. There are areas I need to rebuild myself, so I'm all ears."

P.T., Bali/Malaysia

"Thank you. My problem doesn't exist anymore. I can talk to any woman, if I want to talk now...breakthrough day!"

H.C., Auckland, New Zealand

"Many thanks, Adriane...I look forward to discussing this tender, loving, sensual space some more."

M.P., Auckland, New Zealand

Seminars and Retreats

"You express great beauty, Adriane. I thank you!" 

J. DL, Auckland, New Zealand

“I would like to thank Adriane for an absolutely memorable event. Our retreat was insightful, nurturing, healing and lots of intimacy, camaraderie, laughter, fun and empowerment. I would have to rate this experience as one of the best things I have done for myself. I have made wonderful friendships and have unforgettable memories. Adriane is truly developing into a Masterful Facilitator and Life-& Love Coach.”

TJ. D., Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you for the amazing workshop held on New Moon and the exquisite journey to Bali.  Especially the rituals, sunset and inspiring stories! I loved the natural, aligned and flowing energy of the workshop and the love coaching was powerful to witness and receive. Such a blessing, perfect timing as I had been so unwell and I did find the journey very healing. Thank you for the gift and your presence Adriane. 
You are a natural and your ease, wisdom, care and grace create a very safe and comfortable space for evolving and expanding.  The guest presenters and sharers  also provided another inspiring flavour to the sessions”. 

L.C., Auckland, New Zealand

"This was my first seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed the "outside the comfort zone" experience" 

J. F., Auckland, New Zealand

"Thanks to Adriane for sharing your love, wisdom and energy to benefit us all."

 J.S., Auckland, New Zealand

"Keep going! Thinking of ways to attract more men to it. It is a new area most men seldom venture into. Maybe some ways to delve into this that would suit men more. It is about creating an openness and spreading love!"

N.B., Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you so much, Adriane, for the most amazing New Zealand "Love Coaching" Retreat on Waiheke Island! You are an absolutely wonderful, wise, inspirational lady! I felt thoroughly energized and truly prepared for my next love adventure in life. To be appreciated and welcomed into your circle of love was so amazing. Yes, I would thoroughly recommend Auckland's one and only "Love Coach"! This could be for a one on one coaching session or an amazing, sacred retreat.” 

Dee King, Speedate Auckland, New Zealand