Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch, rebranded as Adriane Venus, has led a life as vivid and varied as the celestial body she identifies with. Born under the sign of Taurus on a spring morning in Munich, Bavaria, her early brush with mortality and a vibrant, artistic upbringing set the stage for a life less ordinary. Growing up surrounded by music and art—her mother an opera singer and her father a conductor—Adriane was steeped in creativity from the start.

Yet, it was her transition from the arts into film editing in Germany that marked her first major professional stride, culminating in accolades and a move to New Zealand. This shift wasn’t just geographical but transformational, as Adriane delved into the realms of healing and spirituality. New Zealand served as her crucible, reshaping her from a film editor to a healer, and eventually to a love coach, a role she embraced amid personal trials, including a battle with ovarian cancer and significant familial changes.

Her approach to love coaching is deeply holistic, integrating her vast experiences in film, healing, and spiritual teachings. She has worked extensively with notable figures like John Gray and Bruce Lipton, enriching her understanding of relationships through a spiritual and astrological lens. Her journey is not merely about personal evolution but also about her impact on others, helping them navigate the complexities of love, relationships, and personal growth.

Adriane’s story is punctuated by her resilience and her commitment to transformation—not just her own, but also that of those she guides. She embodies the Taurus traits of determination and a deep connection to the material and emotional realms, making her a formidable figure in the domains of love and healing.

Adriane's Key Strength::

  • Resilience in Adversity: Adriane’s life story is a testament to overcoming challenges, from near-death at birth to battling cancer and personal losses.

  • Artistic and Spiritual Foundation: Her upbringing and early career in the arts significantly shaped her holistic approach to life and her subsequent careers.

  • Transformation Through Healing: Transitioning from film to healing arts and love coaching, Adriane’s career reflects her journey of self-discovery and her desire to facilitate healing in others.

  • Holistic Love Coaching: Combining spiritual insights with practical relationship advice, Adriane’s coaching style is uniquely profound, addressing both emotional and spiritual needs.

  • Continuous Evolution: Even amidst personal challenges, Adriane continues to evolve her practice and expand her influence, demonstrating a relentless pursuit of growth and helping others.

Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch's life and career encapsulate the essence of transformation, illustrating how diverse experiences can weave together to form a rich tapestry of service and self-discovery.

Love Illuminator Adriane

"O, Adriane

Woman of Power - Now is the Hour

Gratitude Goddess, Graceful Lotus Blooming

You are Beautiful, Intuitive and Wise

Gorgeous, Graceful Goddess of Love

Bright and White Light of Knowledge

Colorful Silk drops from Heaven as Joy's fingers stretch to the ends of the World."

Poem written - as gift to Adriane - by all the passionate participants during the Valentine's Love Coach Retreat on Waiheke Island/New Zealand in early February 2018